Football Trophy Urns

The Football Cremation Urn is made of solid metal with a perfect surface lacquer coat to preserve its sheen and brilliance. The team sphere is placed on top of the urn base creating a perfect trophy urn "In memory of a lifelong fan". The urns comes with bottom opening with secured screws to place the ashes.
32 products
IUKR131-Washington Redskins
IUKR130-Tennessee Titans
IUKR129-Tampa Bay Buccaneers
IUKR128-Seattle Seahawks
IUKR127-San Francisco 49ers
IUKR126-San Diego Chargers
IUKR125-Pittsburgh Steelers
IUKR124-Philadelphia Eagles
IUKR123-Las Vegas Raiders
IUKR122-New York Jets
IUKR121-New York Giants
IUKR120-New Orleans Saints
IUKR119-New England Patriots
IUKR118-Minnesota Vikings
IUKR117-Miami Dolphins
IUKR116-Los Angeles Rams
IUKR115-Kansas City Chiefs
IUKR113-Indianapolis Colts
IUKR112-Houston Texans
IUKR111-Green Bay Packers
IUKR110-Detroit Lions
IUKR109-Dallas Cowboys
IUKR108-Denver Broncos
IUKR107-Cleveland Browns