MCP99 Memorial Register Book Brown

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Canvas Portrait Personalized Register Book with Brown Portrait Background

Each portrait is worked on by a professional graphic artist. They will color correct, fix scratches, blemishes and other imperfections. They can remove an individual from an unwanted background and place them on a portrait style background.

Canvas Print Instructions:

  • Scan photograph & save as jpg:
    8x10 photo scan @ 200 dots per inch.
    5x7 photo scan @ 400 dpi,
    4x6 photo scan @ 500 dpi.
    2x3 photo or smaller scan @ 800-1200 dpi.
    Additional charges may be added for excessive photo retouching
  • Contact Info:
    800-831-8568 or
  • Deadline:
    We must have order by 2:00 PM Central Standard Time to complete order and ship the same day. We ship portraits Saturday morning and orders must be received by 9:30 AM Central Standard Time.