Biodegradable Urns

Natural Sand Biodegradable Urns are beautifully handcrafted to a smooth decorative look. This urn is suitable for home display, earth or ocean burial. They will not break down in a display environment.

During an ocean burial the lid will soon lift, allowing the cremains to mingle with the currents. After submersion the urn will take 6 months to dissolve in water and 12 months in the earth.

Natural Salt Biodegradable Urns are the most environmentally friendly urn for salt water or ocean burial. this urn is carved out of salt from the Himalayas where Mother Nature has been compacting salt crystals for many millennia. The reddish hue of the salt is derived from the iron content in the salt bed. Perfect for the ocean lover. After submersion the urn will dissolve in 4 hours.

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